The first gathering of what would be come to be known as the Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter of NCL began in the fall of 1995.  Dottie Surdi, upon moving to Almaden Valley with her family, took it upon herself to start a chapter.  She had been active in the Monterey Chapter, and wanted to develop a chapter at her current location.  After several inquiries, the National organization, NCL, Inc., agreed to assist in the development of the Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter.

Priscilla Pittigilo, from the Stanford Hills Chapter, was the Provisional Chapter Director, and helped to complete all of the requirements to become established, including Bylaws, Ticktocker Standards, insurance, non- profit requirements, and a Chapter specific 6 year plan.

The first 3 provisional years of the Chapter, 1995-1996; 1996-1997; and 1997-1998; saw growth and development in many areas.  Chapter members enjoyed mother/daughter over-night trips to Asilomar, Ticktocker Enrichment


Days, Father/Daughter events, a Holiday Chapter Tea, Senior Recognition and countless hours working with our philanthropy partners.

The Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter was presented their charter at the April 1998 convention.

It is clear that whether you joined in 1995 or have just joined this year, our Chapter will continue to develop.  By your example, you have given your daughter the ability to open her heart to others, and to give a special part of herself to those less fortunate. You are setting an example of strength and conviction; virtues your daughter will learn only though your examples of kindness.  With schedules already at the maximum, you have found the time to teach your daughters about giving. Giving is a virtue that never goes out of style.